How to keep your bridesmaids warm during your winter wedding

Winter weddings are extremely popular as they ooze romance and love often in the most beautiful locations. However, when planning your special day, it’s important to consider the practicalities, especially when it comes to winter wedding bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaid dresses often aren’t designed to be the warmest, even those with sleeves. So, you need to ensure there are provisions made for keeping your bridesmaids warm and comfortable during the wedding as well as looking amazing. Read on to see our top tips for how to keep your bridesmaids warm during the cold weather of your winter wedding.

Cover up with cardigans or shawls

Keeping the bridesmaids’ arms warm with an extra layer will be highly beneficial to protecting them from the cold. One of the best ways to do this is by making sure they each have a cardigan or shawl. If the wedding is intended to be less formal and quite relaxed, you might want to check with the bridesmaids whether they want to bring their own cardigans or jackets. Alternatively, if you’re sticking to a strict colour palette you may want to add cardigans or shawls to your shopping list when you’re looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Maids to Measure has several options for cover ups that will help give your girls the extra warmth they need for the wedding day.

H2: Provide blankets

If your wedding is going to be a mostly outdoor event or at least long periods of time will be spent outside in the cold, a good way to keep your bridesmaids warm is by providing them with cosy blankets. You can even choose blankets that fit with your wedding colours to add to the winter, rustics theme or get them monogrammed with the girls’ names on. This can make it an extra special part of the wedding and a memorable gift that your bridesmaids will be able to hold onto and use in the future.

H2: Choose long sleeve dresses

Long bridesmaid dress styles that are floor-length and have long sleeves don’t just look amazing, but also have that additional warmth feature. In very cold temperatures it might not be enough to keep the bridesmaids completely warm to just have long sleeve dresses, but it certainly can help to have the arms covered to take the chill away slightly. And when combined with some of the other tips on this list you can keep your bridesmaids well-protected from even the coldest temperatures.

You might not have considered long sleeve bridesmaid dress options for your wedding, but they have an elegant and feminine look which fits perfectly with a winter wedding. As well as providing some extra warmth compared to other styles of dresses.

Consider the footwear

Whilst it’s traditional for bridesmaids to wear high heels with their dresses for a wedding, it’s not the most practical option in the winter. Not only would their feet be cold, but it could also be a hazard for the bridesmaids if they’re walking on surfaces that could be slippy from the weather. As an alternative you might want to plan other footwear for the bridesmaids, a popular example being boots for winter weddings. Cosy winter boots can look stylish, ensure their feet are kept warm, and offer plenty of stability for walking, ticking all the boxes for brides and bridesmaids planning a winter wedding.

Add winter accessories

If you’re having a winter wedding, it makes sense to have a utilise a wintery feel and themes running throughout the day. This makes it easier to combine style and functionality by making sure your bridesmaids have cute winter accessories that make them look beautiful and protect them from a cold weather chill. These can include chunky knit scarves or gloves either in neutral or bright colours to add some additional flair and make them a statement piece to complete the look.


There are several ways to keep your bridesmaids warm without compromising the look you want for the big day. If you’re ready to start bridesmaid dress shopping for your wedding, check out our impressive collection of winter bridesmaid dresses UK at Maids to Measure. We stock a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes to suit all your needs. Order online today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.