How to find bridesmaid dresses for a winter wedding

Are you planning a winter wedding in England? You’ve probably got your wedding venue booked at this stage. You’ve probably even chosen the perfect wedding gown for yourself. With that out of the way, it’s time to look for your bridesmaids’ dresses

Your wedding may be in winter; however, does that mean shelving ideas of off the shoulder/sleeveless bridesmaids dresses and gowns made of delicate material that would leave your bridesmaids exposed to the UK’s chilly winter?  

Thankfully, no. Your bridesmaids can have the perfect dresses to complement your wedding theme, whether you're looking for short sleeve or long sleeve dresses. In this article, we’ll be looking at how you can have your (wedding) cake and eat it when choosing winter bridesmaid dresses. 

Tips for choosing winter bridesmaids dresses 

  • Pair the bridesmaid dress with a coordinated jacket, fur coat, or elegant shawl that can be worn with the dress for the outside photoshoot but allows your bridesmaids the freedom to remove them while indoors. 
  • You can have your bridesmaids stay warm and stylish. Instead of high heels that can increase the risk of falls, choose trendy winter boots that are comfortable and coordinate with the dress. 
  • If your bridesmaids are wearing long, flowing gowns, pair up their gowns with matching tights that they can wear underneath to keep warm. If the dresses are shorter than floor-length, get them tights that are skin-coloured. 
  • If your wedding day is forecasted to be particularly chilly and windy, take their preferred style of the dress into consideration. 
  • Opt for heavier fabrics that fall gracefully, such as satin, faille and silk. Not only do these fabrics add warmth, but they also emphasise the cold-weather style. For an evening wedding, you can even get them to try luxe. 
  • Go with dark and bold colours that winter gives you the advantage of – these colours are celebratory but don’t work in the summer months. 

How can you put these tips into practice? 

Faux fur wraps for elegance and warmth 

The good news is that winter weddings are usually held indoors – except for the photoshoot when you will want to take off to a scenic location to shoot your pictures. That’s when your bridesmaids will need the most protection. 

You could consider graceful gowns in icy blue that sweep the floor made from beautiful satins. These can be paired with a faux fur wrap to keep your bridesmaids warm and add to the cosy winter aesthetic of the day. 

Go bold and bright to stand out from the grey weather 

A bridesmaid dress must be comfortable enough for your bridesmaid to stay in it throughout the service, the wedding photo session, the dinner, and the after-party in the reception space as well as suit the winter theme. Something bold and bright would stand out nicely against the cold grey of the day. 

Try burgundy gowns that sweep the floor, have panelling on the top half for a graceful and slimming effect. These can be paired with a bolero – a look that will not only ooze aesthetic charm but will also be practical for the weather. 

Make the most of winter glam with shimmery silver or sparkly gold 

There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous shade of silver on a winter dress. Silver comes across as a warm and cosy colour and can get you dreaming of snowy winters. It is a colour that is well-suited for winter rather than summer, as the smooth and frosty shade is a complete mismatch to the bright and hot sun. A winter silver bridesmaid dress complements a colour scheme that is made up of cool and cosy hues. 

Alternatively, you could choose cream soda, which is a beautiful shade of pale blush/gold. Cream Soda suits almost every skin tone, and it’s the ideal background shade for delicate sequin embellishments to pop. A high neck and maxi length add class, style, and elegance, and is perfect for an autumn or winter wedding. 

Account for potential bad weather delays 

Bad weather in the winter is pretty much inevitable and that can lead to delays. If you need to travel somewhere to try on bridesmaid dresses with your bridal party, you might want to think about scheduling extra time to get there. In addition, you will need to make sure you order the dresses far enough in advance. This is because bad weather can lead to delayed deliveries, which adds unnecessary stress and panic if you’re already a bit pushed for time.  

Choose flattering fits for everyone 

Your wedding day is about you and your partner, but it’s still important to include your bridesmaids’ opinions into the shopping process as they’ll be the ones wearing the dresses. A key thing to consider is that each bridesmaid will have their own sense of style as well as body type. So, if you’re choosing the colour of the dresses to fit with other elements of the day, think about letting your bridesmaids choose the style they want to wear.  

This will allow them the freedom to select a style that flatters them, and they feel comfortable in. Also, it stops feelings of resentment building towards you if someone hates the style you choose for them. It’s especially important to get the right dress for a winter wedding as you don’t want the bridesmaids to be shivering and unhappy all day.  

Clever use of the colour purple 

Colours like Frosted Fig are lovely for a bridesmaid dress. Not only is it rich and luxurious, but it is also a colour that exudes warmth and romance. If you have several bridesmaids, why not consider dressing your girls in purple bridesmaid dresses. A gorgeous shade of deep purple or more subtle shades of lilac are very feminine, as well as adaptable to any theme or setting.  

Try combining shades or having bridesmaid dresses in different styles and shades to create a stunning winter purple aesthetic. Burgundy is another shade of purple that can be carried off with ease during winter and paired with a matching jacket. 

Try a batwing sleeved bodice for warmth and style 

A graceful chiffon-style gown, with a batwing sleeved bodice that gracefully hugs the body shape in a colour of your choice, is ideal for a winter or Christmas wedding. The batwing sleeved bodice smoothly hugs the shoulders and keeps them warm. The gown itself can have a low back for a sleek and elegant look. Check out our Caroline and Suzanne dress for this perfect combination. 


There are so many options when it comes to using bridesmaid dresses for a winter wedding. Your girls don’t need to suffer the cold for the sake of style! Shop our stunning collection of winter bridesmaid dresses at Maids to Measure and find the perfect dress or dresses for your magical winter wonderland wedding.