How to care for your bridesmaid dress: Before, during and after the wedding

Shopping for your bridesmaid dresses is all well and good, but it’s important to know how to look after them properly to ensure they maintain the best possible quality, before, during, and after the wedding. That’s why in this guide we’ll be exploring the key tips you need to know to keep your bridesmaid dress looking clean and fresh for the upcoming wedding and for other future uses too.  

Before the wedding 

In most cases, bridesmaid dresses are bought months in advance of the wedding, which means you will need to store the dress and maintain it until the big day arrives. To keep the dress in the best condition you should keep it hung up so that is fully suspended off the ground with no part of the end dragging. This will keep it as crease free as possible and ensure there is no risk of it getting stepped on or other clothes ending up on top of it, potentially causing damage.  

Also, if you can keep it separate from your other clothes it would be best to do so. Try and keep the dress in a zipped dress bag cover, if possible, to ensure it is completely protected. As the wedding gets closer, either the day before or on the day itself if you have time, it is recommended that you steam your bridesmaid dress. This will help to remove any creases that might have developed during storage and maintain the quality of the fabric.  

During the wedding 

You might be thinking that you’ve bought the dress for this wedding anyway, so it doesn’t really matter if anything happens to it during the wedding. However, bridesmaid dresses have great re-usability, and looking after your dress during the current wedding could save you money on buying a new dress for a future wedding or another formal event.  

One of the biggest risks to bridesmaid dresses during the wedding is damage to the bottom of the dress, often by high heels or other shoes stepping on it. A good way to avoid this is to potentially change into flatter shoes after the ceremony so that if you do step on the dress whilst dancing at the reception, it’s less likely to cause any damage. Also, if your bridesmaid dress has a train that extends all the way to the floor, try and pick it up as much as possible when walking, especially if you’re outdoors.  

After the wedding 

After the wedding is over and you can take the dress home, it’s a good idea to get it dry cleaned before you store it. This will help to make sure that it is clean and fresh for the next time you want to use it. Again, a dress cover bag will be your friend in keeping the dress in its best possible quality.  

Whether you want to keep the dress exactly the same as it is or re-style it to make it something new for your next event, it’s important to look after it as carefully as you can to protect the fabric. You can learn more about re-using your bridesmaid dress in our other blog ‘Can bridesmaid dresses be worn again after the wedding?’ 


Hopefully you now have a better understanding of how to properly look after your bridesmaid dress to get as much use out of it as possible. If you’re shopping for bridesmaid dresses UK, Maids to Measure can help. We stock a wide range of stunning bridesmaid dress styles in several beautiful colours to suit any wedding aesthetic. Shop online today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or queries.