Do bridesmaids need flowers?

The decision on whether your bridesmaids should have flowers on your wedding day is a tricky one. Bouquets are a nice and visually appealing accessory for bridesmaids to walk down the aisle with but large bouquets with many different types of flowers for several girls to carry quickly becomes a large expense for the bride. However, if you don’t have many bridesmaids and want simple bouquets that pair nicely with the colours of your bridesmaid dresses then flowers can make a beautiful and affordable addition to your big day.

How to pair your bridesmaids’ flowers with their dresses

Finding the right flowers that will work perfectly with your bridesmaid dresses can be difficult depending on the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and the style of wedding you’re having. Below we explore the best colour pairings for some of our most popular bridesmaid dress colours to help you choose a palette that best suits your wedding.

Cream bridesmaid dresses

Cream bridesmaid dresses make a bold statement about going against tradition and the idea that no one else can wear white or any variation of white except the bride. We love cream dresses, and your bridesmaids deserve the perfect flowers to go with them.

With that in mind, we think delicate pastel colours and shades would be the best fit for these dresses. Cream dresses are a blank canvas so pretty much any colour will work, which comes with its benefits and risks. On one hand the sky is your limit, any colours will stand out and take on a life of their own against a cream dress.

On the other hand, choosing colours that are too bold and bright will pull focus away from the bridesmaids and too much attention will be placed on the flowers. Bridesmaid flowers should complement the dresses and not draw your eye away from them. Light and breezy pastel flower colours such as pink, lilac, or peach interwoven with elegant white flowers would create a gorgeous match for your cream bridesmaid dresses.

Sage green bridesmaid dresses

Sage green bridesmaid dresses have an amazing, natural, and earthy tone that works really well for various wedding styles and themes. A popular option for flowers that we’ve seen in a number of weddings with sage green dresses is to have white roses as the main part of the bouquet alongside some lovely green leaves and stems to carry on that fresh, nature feel. White ribbon holding the flowers together also pairs well with the sage green shade.

Rust bridesmaid dresses

Rust bridesmaid dresses are perfect for autumn/winter weddings, and you should opt for flower colours that reflect this. You can create a nice balance between light and dark with your bridesmaid flowers using red roses or burgundy flowers along with some lighter orange and even peach tones to truly capture the seasonal palette and match with the dresses.

If your wedding is themed around the season, it’s in you could use flowers that specifically grow in that season as well like autumn or winter plants that will keep the aesthetic you want maintained throughout each aspect of the bridesmaids’ finished looks.

Top tips for bridesmaid flowers

  • If you want to keep costs lower, request that your bridesmaid bouquets are made with cheaper flowers. They will still look amazing and can work with your colour scheme, but with the added benefit of not breaking the bank.
  • If you want to differentiate your bridal bouquet from their flowers but not too much, ask your wedding florist to use smaller flowers that come in their dress colours like we’ve seen above. Matching to the bridesmaid dress colours creates a beautiful consistency and running theme.
  • If you want all bouquets to look the same, your florist could make smaller versions of your bouquet for your bridesmaids that are still the same.
  • If you want a bridesmaid bouquet alternative but still want to include flowers, arm garlands can make a creative and unique way to achieve that. Or your bridesmaids could carry one rose in a colour that pairs with their dress. 

Conclusion: Do bridesmaids need flowers?

Even though bridesmaids don’t necessarily need flowers, they are certainly beneficial. If budget is your concern, as we’ve explored there are a few ways you can keep flower costs to a minimum. Ultimately, it’s your decision and what feels right for your wedding, bridesmaids certainly don’t have to have flowers but with the right colours and types of flowers they can look amazing and be cost effective.

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