Do all bridesmaids dresses have to match?

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are more popular than ever.  But while it might appear effortless, there is a lot more to planning this look than meets the eye. Thankfully, we've got everything you need to know right here.

There are three ways to mix and match your bridesmaid dresses:

same colour, different style
different colour, same style
mismatched colour and style

Planning is key to getting it right, so start with a concept or a theme. Once you've got some ideas to work from, share them with your bridesmaids early on. Get their input before it's too late to reverse the decision - they'll thank you for it later!

Same colour, different style bridesmaid dresses 



Consider giving your bridesmaids the option to choose their own style of dress in a colour you've pre-selected. We all know what it feels like to wear something, that doesn't suit our body shape - awkward and self-conscious. With the freedom to choose their own dress, you will ensure everyone feels comfortable in a style that suits them.

Bridesmaids with a bigger bust might opt for a flattering cowl neck, like the fitted Penelope dress in midnight blue. While other bridesmaids might prefer something higher to suit a smaller upper body - an illusion neckline, or a low V-back, for example.

By picking the same colour for all your bridesmaids, you can be certain that whatever neckline, fabric, lengths and silhouettesthey choose, they will all look like they belong together - it's a win-win situation.

Different colour, same style bridesmaid dresses


This can be hard to pull off, but if your bridesmaids all suit the same style dress then having them in different bridesmaid dress colours can look really effective. Choose a colour palette and stick to it, whether it's bright, pastel, or monochromatic - without a concept to work from, you run the risk of yourwedding party looking disjointed.

For something elegant looking, consider a range of tones from light to dark in the same colour. This ombre effect is trending for spring/summer 2021, and it's a great way of highlighting the maid of honour in the most impactful shade.

Sticking to similar hues is the safest option, but those brave enough can also have a lot of fun with bold, contrasting colours. We love the idea of representing different personalities with dress colours, from a vivid red to bright green, and blue.

Complete mix and match bridesmaid dresses 

The third and final option, is to choose dresses in different colours and styles. This can be difficult to do, so we would recommend having at least one common factor across all the dresses to help tie everything together. This might be the same fabric or maybe an embellishment, like a statement hair accessory or necklace.

Try not to vary too many features - perhaps just mix up one or two things and keep everything else the same. So, you might have all the dresses in a dusty blue, chiffon, but let your bridesmaids choose their own neckline and fit to suit their body shape.

Top tips for mismatched bridesmaid dresses

1. If you decide to go for different colour dresses, try representing each colour in the bridesmaid bouquet - it's a great way to create a cohesive look.


2. Colours like forest green, royal blues, or champagne can be interpreted differently, so if you want an exact colourmatch, stick with one brand or dress designer.


3. Different length dresses can look odd in photos, so try to stick to the same length, or make sure there's a balance of long and short hemlines among your bridesmaids.


4. Make the time to see all the dresses together before your wedding day - the earlier, the better, so if there are any problems you've got time to fix them.  


5. For a really unique look, try a mismatch of prints in the same colour palette. The Dahlia print dress in a lightweight chiffon has a flattering V-neck back for big impact and would pair well with another patterned dress in the same colour.

Where to buy mismatched bridesmaid dresses 


If you're happy for your bridesmaids to choose their own dresses, then it's helpful to give them some guidance before you send them on their way. Start by identifying a store, that you know has the right colour bridesmaid dresses and styles.

At Maids To Measure, you can browse by colour, which is perfect if you're looking for the same colour dress in different styles. It's also helpful if you've chosen a colour that's open to interpretation, like forest green. On-screen colours can look different, so we recommend ordering as many swatches as you need, before you make a decision.

Samples are dispatched within two days, but if you're eager to start straight away, then why not try pulling together a few ideas using paint colour samples from your local DIY shop.  It's a great place to begin if you're still exploring themes.


However, you choose to do it, mismatched bridesmaid dressesare a contemporary stand-out look for weddings this season. Capture the beauty in each of your bridesmaids and you'll be rewarded with beautiful memories, and photos you want to look back on again and again.