Maids to Measure’s Core Colours

You've chosen your top girls to be with you on your big day and it's all fun and games until you need to dress them for the grand occasion. With large groups of girls, all different shapes and sizes, it can get competitive when hunting for bridesmaids dresses. Each bridesmaid trying to push you, the bride, in the direction that most suits them. However, here at Maids to Measure, we have answered your prayers. With a wide range of colours in a range of dresses, we can ensure that your bride tribe feel comfortable in what they're wearing, without the added agro. You the bride can pick the colour and then your girls can pick their styles, hey presto a stress-free trying on session!

We have five core colours which come across all our styles. The first being Blossom, a dusky pink colour. This is your classic bridesmaid colour, feminine and romantic. Light pink for bridesmaids never goes out of fashion and remains a firm favourite for the bridal party.

Next up is Cream Soda. This is a much more neutral, we like to describe it as cream or ivory with a hint of blush/peach running through it. Brides love this colour for its more neutral base. Believe it or not this is a very easy & flattering colour to wear on all skin tones for its warmth. A soft warm pink for a subtle but chic effect. 

By contrast you have your Cloud blue & Dove Grey colour. These are very cool shades. The cloud a light baby blue & Dove Grey a very light grey. Both these colours have grown in popularity over the last couple of years, brides venturing away from the more predictable ‘girly’ colours. 

The last of the core colours is Misty Green. Not as popular as the four firm favourites above but a winner all the same. If you have a large group of girls with differing skin tones, hair colour, this might just be the colour for you. A light, sage green colour (or often described as a sage green colour), ticks all the boxes for wearability. 

Most brides stay safe and stick to one colour, however all our colours are meant to go together and different styles (or same styles) in different colours can also work really well, creating a rainbow effect. 

Here are some of our top styles that come across a range of these colours for inspiration. So whether your fair, dark, red head, short, tall busty, slim you can find a style & colour you feel comfortable in.