Bridesmaid myths debunked

If you’re in the position where you’ve been chosen as a bridesmaid, you’re probably been doing lots of research. Don’t believe everything you read online (other than this blog of course), because you may come across some of the common bridesmaid myths that are still in circulation today. These can include what you’re supposed to wear, as well as your bridesmaid responsibilities.

So, what are some of the bridesmaid myths out there today? More importantly, are any of them true? Find out below.

Where do bridesmaids myths come from?

When people are asked about things that turn out to be myths, it’s often the case they can’t remember how they came to learn about it. It could be an assumed tradition or simply not questioned in the first place. The same is true about bridesmaid dresses. However, there are a few places where they’re likely to originate.


There are many stories throughout history that talk about the role of bridesmaids. Some of these responsibilities are still upheld today. In the Bible, brides had maids that were responsible for helping dress and prepare the woman for her big day. In some cultures, a certain number of bridesmaids were needed to act as witnesses. 

Traditionally, bridesmaids were often seen wearing similar dresses to the one worn by the bride, with veils covering their faces too. This was to prevent kidnappers or evil spirits targeting the bride. Many bridal parties carried bouquets for the same reason. These would contain herbs, flowers, and grains, each of which had a special significance. For instance, rosemary to drive away negativity and dill to act as an aphrodisiac.

Social media

Nowadays, one of the main sources of cultural trends is social media. Myths around bridesmaids and bridesmaid dresses is no different. Social media is a great way to get inspiration, but it can also create the impression that things are supposed to be done a certain way. This applies whether the posts are from friends and family, or influencers.

Word of mouth

Many bridal groups will contain people that are already married. This means you will have either been a part of their big day or heard about the event in great detail. In a similar way to social media, talking about weddings and seeing real-world examples can influence how bridesmaids approach the next event. 

Common bridesmaids myths

Not all bridesmaid myths are created equal. Some of them aren’t necessarily bad and some actually have truth to them. Regardless of how these myths came into being, it’s important for bridesmaids to be aware of them. This helps avoid the scenario where everyone in a bridal cohort goes along with certain choices, as opposed to being fully on board. 

The bridesmaids have to plan everything

We’ve started with a tricky one. Technically false, as the bridesmaid you don’t have to plan everything. However, you’ll likely be responsible for some aspects of the wedding, be it the bachelorette party, the reception, the entertainment, or something else entirely. The bride will also usually have you present as a personal counsel when they’re making decisions. One of the most important choices being the cohort’s bridesmaid dresses.

You’ll never wear your bridesmaid dress again

False! Bridesmaid dresses are widely considered to be one-use clothes, but they don’t have to be. At Maids to Measure, our bridesmaid dress designs combine fit and quality to produce styles that can be worn to a range of occasions. We specialise in dresses with accessible price points, meaning it’s not the end of the world if they aren’t worn to multiple events.

Bridesmaids shouldn’t look as good as the bride

False! Obviously, you don’t want to steal the limelight from your friend on their big day, but bridesmaids shouldn’t feel like they must limit their look. Each member of the cohort should have a bridesmaid dress that compliments them, as well as the whole group.

Bridesmaids can’t wear their hair down

False! For whatever reason, it’s been a long-standing tradition for bridesmaids to have their hair done-up. Luckily, we’re seeing more and more flexibility when it comes to bridesmaid’s hair and accessories. You shouldn’t feel confined to a particular hairstyle if it doesn’t fit with your bridesmaid dress look.

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The bachelorette party has to be rowdy

False! By all means go for it, but don’t feel like wearing raunchy accessories and hitting the town is a requirement. It’s natural for our tastes to change as we get older (and wiser?). The bachelorette party should be a bonding opportunity and as such, it has lots of activity-based options.

Tears will flow

Very true! Emotions will be flying all day, so it’s important to be prepared. We recommend plenty of tissues and waterproof mascara.

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