Bridesmaid checklist: Everything you need to do before the big day

Wedding traditions have changed a lot over the years and the exact duties you will have as a bridesmaid depend on the specific circumstances and preferences of the bride. However, there are some typical duties that practically all bridesmaids will usually carry out before the big day and knowing about these well in advance will help you be prepared and ensure everything goes smoothly for the bride. That’s why we have put together this checklist detailing the key duties you will carry out before the wedding day arrives.

Help the bride with dress shopping

One of the most important jobs you will have as a bridesmaid is helping the bride with dress shopping. This applies to both the bridal gown and the bridesmaid dresses. When trying to find the perfect wedding dress the bride will be looking to you as a bridesmaid and her other closest friends and family to help support her in making the right decision. Therefore, it is important to be honest with the bride, wedding dress shopping is an emotional process and sharing the moment of her finding and trying on a dress she loves is very special to be part of.

Equally shopping for bridesmaid dresses is an essential part of the wedding planning that you will have a significant role in. As well as being as available as possible to go shopping for the dresses, you will also need to discuss with the bride and other bridesmaids the exact colour and style you all feel is right for the day. If there are quite a lot of bridesmaids there will be many opinions and ideas flying around, which can be overwhelming and stressful. Bridesmaid dress shopping requires plenty of patience and making sure the bride’s voice is heard.

Organising the hen party

The maid of honour is typically in charge of organising the hen party, but the bridesmaids can also have a hand in the planning too. If you’re a sibling of the bride or a long-term friend, you will have ideas on the kind of event she’ll like, the activities she will enjoy and what she wouldn’t enjoy. A hen party doesn’t always mean a big night out on the town dressed up with sashes and fair wings. Not every bride enjoys being the centre of attention and a more low-key event where she can simply enjoy some time with those closest to her might be more appropriate.

Again, there might be multiple opinions on what the hen party should be, but it’s important to not allow a brainstorming session to turn into an argument, you all love the bride and what her to have the best hen party possible. So, remain focused on that goal and try and make sure everyone stays united. The last thing the bride needs is to have to try and resolve a conflict or deal with any tension during her hen party.

Help with the wedding planning

There are a lot of things a couple need to do when planning a wedding and it can quickly become overwhelming for a bride. This is why having supportive bridesmaids who can help her get through some of the planning she has to do is so important. Whether she wants you to tour some potential venues with her or help her send out wedding invitations, try and make yourself as available as you can to take some of the stress off her shoulders.

Establish finances and bridesmaid budget

There’s no escaping the fact that weddings are expensive, and many friendships have been put to the test when it comes to finances and who is expected to pay for what. For the bride it will likely be very helpful if you outline with her from the beginning of the process what she will be paying for and what the bridesmaids will be paying for.

This is particularly beneficial when it comes to things like the bridesmaid dresses, as it can be either the bride or the bridesmaids who pay for them depending on individual circumstances. If everyone in the bridal party is on the same page regarding finances and what each person will be paying for, it will help the process go more smoothly and avoid any awkward conversations or misunderstandings.

Preparing for the wedding day

On the run up to the big day itself there are few small errands you might want to undertake as a bridesmaid so that you’re ready for the day. For example, you will need to confirm what time you and the other bridesmaids are arriving, how you will be getting to the venue, and if there is anything specific you need to bring with you.

Also, you and the other bridesmaids want to put together a wedding day kit of things the bride might need to ensure all possible bases are covered. Being fully organised and ready for the wedding will help the bride to feel more relaxed and assured that everything is ready, and she doesn’t have to worry because her supportive bridesmaids have got her back.


There are other duties your bride might want you to carry out before the wedding, every wedding and bride is different, but generally we have covered all the duties a bridesmaid will have on her checklist ahead of the wedding. If you’re at the stag of shopping for bridesmaid dresses, Maids to Measure can help. We have a wide range of beautiful and affordable bridesmaid dresses to help you and the bride find the perfect dresses for her special day. Explore our stunning range of bridesmaid dresses UK online today and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.