Accessorising Your Bridesmaids Dresses - 5 Must-Haves

Planning your wedding can prove to be a real big task, but each thought and work that you put into this today will be something you will remember for the rest of your life. Starting from the theme to the venue to the décor, the pictures, the clothes and accessories you would wear, what your partner needs to wear and even what your bridesmaids should be wearing are some things that you need to figure out to make sure that every little detail looks and feels harmonious on your big day!

One important element we feel gets neglected amongst all this preparation is the bridesmaid dresses accessories. Once the dress is finalised according to your choosing, it may feel that you are micromanaging if you also want a specific kind of accessory to go with the bridesmaid dresses. However, we can assure you it is very important to have the bridesmaid dresses accessories coordinated as it can present a truly cohesive and stunning effect to your day, especially in your wedding photographs.

So, here are five must-haves we feel you should consider when you are choosing your bridesmaid dresses accessories:

1) Hair accessories for bridesmaids

Nowadays, there are such gorgeous hair accessories available that you will surely be spoilt for choice. Firstly, it is advisable to decide on a hairstyle you would like for your bridesmaids that compliments your look. The next step in selecting the right hair accessories for bridesmaids is to ensure it is not the same as yours. If you have thought of wearing a tiara, or an elaborate hairpin, chose something for your bridesmaids that has similar materials (say pearls or crystals) but is simpler-looking and smaller in size. Similarly, it could be a fresh flower arrangement, a floral crown, jewelled clips, combs, or bun wraps that are colour and material-coordinated to compliment the look and lend finesse to their overall attire.

2) Bridesmaid jewellery

It is best to look for something minimal while finalising your bridesmaid jewellery. It could be a statement earring, a brooch, or even a bracelet that enhances and completes their ensemble. Your choice for bridesmaid necklaces should be picked depending on the neckline of the dresses you have chosen for them. For example, a small pendant or a string of pearls work wonders with a deep V-neck. However, a sweetheart neckline demands a bigger and bolder neckpiece. In case you have opted for a halter-neck dress, it is best to avoid necklaces and have a unique dangling earring instead. Whatever be the type of bridesmaid jewellery you finalise, always ensure that the metal is matching yours; so, if you are wearing rose gold, they should be wearing the same as well.

3) Bags for bridesmaids

Clutches are a very popular accessory during weddings. While you are browsing for bags for bridesmaids, do remember to take a look at the newest shapes of small purses and handbags in trend. If they are wearing an elaborate dress or already have a statement accessory in place, then it is best to keep the bag a neutral and simple affair. However, if you are looking to make the clutch or purse a style statement, then you can opt for a heavily embroidered or jewelled piece or a purse that has an eye-catching unique frame. It is always advisable to colour coordinate the bags with the bridesmaid’s dresses so that the accessory is complementing the entire look and doesn’t feel like it is trying too hard to fit in.

4) Shoes for bridesmaids

It is rightly said that the shoes can make or break any look, and you wouldn’t want your bridesmaids wearing mismatch footwear! Some girls might not be comfortable wearing high heels, while others may never wear flats. Try to have an open discussion about these choices and reach a mutual agreeable solution. Jewelled pumps, wedges or kitten heels could be some great choice of shoes you can go for. Ideally, you should avoid stilettos for yourself, as well as your bridesmaids, since you do have to stand for a long time, and they have to run around making sure your D-day is perfect. Another thing to keep in mind while choosing footwear is the colour. If your bridesmaids are wearing the same colour dress, it can be a quirky look letting them wear colourful shoes. But if you want to go the classic, elegant way, then pick a nude or sheer pair of shoes that can fit with a lot of colours of clothes, and they can wear them later as well.

5) Shrug or jacket for bridesmaids

This is something you should consider if you are getting married during winters. A matching bolero or faux fur shrug can add a touch of finesse to the complete look of your bridesmaids’ ensemble. If you feel that this is an expensive accessory, you could think of making it a bridesmaids’ gift instead of having them buy it.

Whatever you choose as your bridesmaid’s dress accessories, it is most important that your bridesmaids feel comfortable wearing it. This will not only make them remember the wonderful experience they had but also bring out a sparkle in their eyes and a genuine smile on their faces, which can be the best bridesmaid accessory ever.