A guide to choosing your bridesmaid dresses for 2024

It’s never too soon to start thinking about choosing bridesmaid dresses for your group. You don’t want to be wasting time and money browsing options without having prepared. This blog contains tips from experienced our seamstresses on choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses for 2024. 

Bridesmaid dress trends for 2024

One of the best ways to make decisions ahead of time is to look at the trends which are on the horizon. When it comes to 2024 bridesmaid dresses, these trends can encompass colours, styles, accessories, and seasons. The bridesmaid dress trends we’ve identified for 2024 are:

  • Mismatching bridesmaid dresses – we have seen in recent years a shift away from the uniform bridal party. Instead, expect to see a variety of bridesmaid dress styles on display in weddings in 2024. This gives you the flexibility of allowing your bridesmaids to pick dresses they will be most comfortable in.
  • Emerald green bridesmaid dresses – shades of green across the board have grown in popularity, as it can be used to great effect to reflect natural themes and create a regal look. We have a wide range of green bridesmaid dresses available to order online.
  • Personal touches – building on the popularity of mismatching bridesmaid dresses, more and more bridal parties are embracing accessories in their look. As a 2024 bride, you can let the members of your group choose how they complete their look.
  • Rust bridesmaid dresses – rust is a deep shade of red that evokes warmth and emotion, giving bridesmaids a striking appearance.

Our tips for choosing a bridesmaid dress in 2024

Our main recommendation for choosing bridesmaid dresses in 2024 is to be creative. Yes, listen to advice and do research, but feel free to step outside the box. Once you have settled on a core theme and colour palette for the occasion, you can give your bridesmaids permission to choose their own dresses.

Nevertheless, it’s also recommended that brides make considerations to make the bridal party’s look cohesive. Examples include whether the maid of honour dresses should stand apart from those worn by the rest of the party. This is on top of the age-old debate as to whether the bridesmaids should wear the same colour as the bride. You should also be mindful of how your chosen dresses will play with the venue and time of year you have booked. 

Shop bridesmaids dresses for 2024

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