5 wedding trends for 2024 that'll help you plan your big day

Saying that planning a wedding can be difficult is a huge understatement. The only consolation is that there are tons of people who have been through it and achieved their dream day. So while you don’t have to copy what someone else has done, it can offer some guidance depending on what stage you’re at. Below are the 5 main wedding trends we’ve identified for 2024, which focus on a variety of aspects.

Why follow wedding trends?

The trends for weddings that come around each year can be a great source of inspiration when you’re in the process of planning your own events. Everyone has their own vision of what they want their wedding to be like, including the themes, styles, and certain features. That’s what makes it so special. However, if you’re really struggling to get off the ground or there were some aspects of the event you didn’t have a plan for already. Of course, there’s also the possibility that some of these trends line up perfectly with what you had in mind, therefore making the planning process that bit easier. 

Top 5 wedding trends for 2024

Below are the 5 main 2024 wedding trends we’ve identified for that UK brides should be aware of (if they want to be):

Vibrant and dramatic colours

It’s been an ongoing trend during 2023 that wedding parties are moving away from traditional colours and embracing a wider range of colours. Among these are deep greens, exciting magentas, and bold reds. The result is that bridesmaids dresses in 2024 are more likely to be seen in these vibrant colours. At Maids to Measure, our existing range of pink bridesmaid dresses is perfect for this trend along with various shades of blue and green. 


Gone are the days of weddings that go all out. Of course go for it if that’s your style, but more and more people are taking a sustainable approach to wedding planning as they’re more conscious of the impact the event could have on the environment. It’s also a way to save a bit of money. This trend could see more wedding elements that are handmade by friends and family, which also adds an extra personal touch to the event. Sustainable steps can be taken in a number of areas too, such as bridesmaid dress accessories.

Flexible fashion choices

This year will see more bridal parties adopting a range of dress styles, with individuals having more freedom to choose the type of bridesmaid dress that best suits them. This had also led to the rise in popularity of certain flexible styles, such as the multiway bridesmaid dress. 2024 could also see bridal parties with varying shades and styles across the group, all sitting within the overall themes of the event but with more individuality on show.

Venue variations

Leaning into the trend of more personalised weddings, 2024 will see planners selecting exclusive venues for their big day as well as venues that perhaps aren’t often used for such events. This is because it allows for a wholly unique experience that has personal significance and is more likely to leave a lasting impression as a result.


Building on the increased flexibility and customisation of weddings in recent years, displays promise to continue rising in popularity. These can be placed at various locations to ensure the character of your wedding fully saturates your chosen venue. For instance, the fabric used in your bridesmaid’s dresses could be used to decorate dinner tables or doorways.

Buy bridesmaid dresses online

If you have any questions about buying the right bridesmaid dresses or preparing for your wedding day in any way at all, simply contact Maids to Measure. Our stylists love getting to know you and will be happy to help in any way that will bring your dream into reality. We are experts in tying bridesmaids looks together with the feel of a wedding to achieve stunning results. As such, we are always clued-in on the current and upcoming wedding trends. This includes colour palettes, seasons, bridesmaid dress styles, decorations, and more. For an opportunity to come to our studio and try out various styles and designs, book an appointment simply via the form on this website.