Winter wedding colour combinations 2022

In previous years the winter months have been the least popular time of year to tie the knot, but many people (us included!) think that winter weddings are seriously underrated. There’s no season like winter to create that feeling of cosy romance, enchantment, love, and magic (especially if you’re lucky enough to have snow).

If you’re getting married this winter choosing the right colour combinations is a key part of your planning process. The last thing you want is to have summer beach party colours on a freezing cold winter day, it’s a complete mismatch. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the best colour combinations for winter weddings this year to give you some fresh inspiration for important details like your venue décor, table settings, bridesmaid dresses etc.

Planning a winter wedding

To get started with winter wedding colour combinations and themes, you first need to become familiar with the basics:

  • White, makes a great base colour due to your bridal gown and the potential snow on the ground. Cream bridesmaid dresses for example, are a beautiful addition to a winter wedding and don’t look too similar to the bride.
  • There are two main go-to’s when it comes to the actual colours you choose. Contrasting fire and ice (warms and cools) is a classic winter wonderland technique. Darker shades of blue and purple work well in the deep winter.
  • Dark greens and browns create a natural, winter earth vibe that sets a cool, modern tone.
  • Bright and bold like reds and oranges that resemble cosying up by the fire on a cold winter night.

Colour schemes for winter weddings

Sage green and cream

This natural colour palette sees green come together with white and cream to create a soft and elegant winter look. Sage green bridesmaid dresses can be beautifully complemented by a white bouquet and cream table decorations. These colours work especially well if your wedding is earlier on in winter or the end of autumn.

Wine, green, and black

If you had to sum winter up using just a few colours, these three would definitely be ones you would choose. When put together in a wedding colour scheme they strike an impressive balance of crisp and cool yet smooth and elegant that is rare in colour palettes. You could have forest green bridesmaid dresses with hints of wine in the flowers, accessories, and venue décor to add that extra warmth. A contrast of black as well helps to keep the colours fresh, all three have a key role to play in putting together the perfect winter wonderland.

Red and brown

Reds and browns are ideal for autumn/winter wedding colour schemes. Some stunning rust bridesmaid dresses representing romance, wild love, and passion with earthy brown tones representing a strong foundation, intermingled in other key wedding components like the bouquets, favours, chairs, etc work as a great metaphor for married life and “happily ever after”. This colour combination also triggers a healthy appetite. It’s most effective when the brown is used sparingly, relying on the pops of red to make things shine.

Grey, red, and white

These colours are perfect for December as when used right, they nicely highlight the Christmas vibe without it being too in your face. Red and cream bridesmaid dresses are the ideal fit for the Christmas fantasy wedding. Throw in some accents of a light grey in places as well for that sleek, contemporary feel and you’ve achieved the perfect balance between winter and Christmas, all with clever use of three colours. Amazing!

Where to buy bridesmaid dresses

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