How should bridesmaids co-ordinate their hair and makeup?

With so many details to plan, big and small, things like co-ordinating hair and makeup on the bridesmaids can be easy to overlook but it is extremely important. Your girls are a key part of your wedding day and as well as looking and feeling amazing they should also be co-ordinated in some ways to ensure consistency is maintained throughout the big day.

In this article we will be looking some of the main ways your bridesmaids’ hair and makeup can be co-ordinated to ensure the overarching themes, colours, and aesthetic of your wedding day are maintained and the special ladies in your life will feel at their most beautiful.

Creating cohesion in hair and makeup

Everyone is different, your bridesmaids will all have different hair textures, lengths, styles as well as different skin tones and types. This can mean co-ordinating everyone to all have a similar look can be challenging. However, with the right team of professionals you can achieve a cohesive look that makes all the girls feel amazing.

When it comes to hair, a popular option is to keep things simple and elegant. So, you might want to emphasise a specific style like a braid or updo that will help each person’s hair to look as similar as possible whilst accommodating the way their natural hair is as much as possible.

Again, keeping things simple works with makeup too as it gives you more flexibility to enhance the natural beauty your girls already have. Too much make up can make it seem like your bridesmaids are going on a night out to a club rather than a wedding, so striking the right balance is key.

Having slight differences in certain elements of the makeup like two similar shades of lipstick that will suit two different girls better is a great way to create a consistent look whilst ensuring individual features are emphasised and each girl can play to her strengths with her makeup and hair.

Consider the formality, themes, and season of the wedding

Co-ordination is about creating a consistent look and feel with all aspects of your wedding not just the colour of the bridesmaid dresses. Certain looks will suit specific occasions and levels of formality, for example if your wedding is going to be a more casual and relaxed affair, you might want your bridesmaids’ hair to be down and more naturally flowy.

The wedding theme, location and season your wedding will be in should also be taken into account when putting together the look for your bridesmaids’ makeup and hair. This is because other external factors could impact the hair or makeup such as if the weather is hot at a summer wedding or windy, specific styles might be uncomfortable to wear or difficult to keep maintained throughout the duration of the day. As a result, your wedding photos might not come out looking their best either, so it is essential to co-ordinate the bridesmaids’ hair and makeup with the setting of your wedding.

Utilise the dress colours and accessories effectively

The little details can be just as impactful as the big when it comes to co-ordinating hair and makeup. If you have thematic colours that are a key part of your day, then finding ways to incorporate them into the bridesmaids’ overall look will be helpful. The makeup can also be done in a way that complements the colour of the bridesmaid dresses too, but without it being too overpowering if you have chosen bolder colours for the dresses.

Also, this can be achieved with accessories, for example try to ensure all the girls are wearing similar shoes, even if they aren’t exactly the same. Similar style necklaces and earrings to go with the dresses will also be beneficial and in fact it would probably be better if the jewellery pieces weren’t exactly the same.

This is because having exactly the same accessories as well as the same dresses can sometimes look too matching and uniform. There is a fine line between co-ordinating the bridesmaids to create consistency and trying to make them all identical when they are individuals with different personalities, body types, sizes, hair, skin, etc.

Comfort and confidence are just as important as the appearance, your bridesmaids will have to wear the dress, hair, and makeup a specific way for a long day, it will put a sour note on things if they aren’t completely happy with how the look has turned out.


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