Choosing dresses for different body types

Being the bride it's difficult enough to find a wedding dress that suits you, let alone kit out your gaggle of girls! So what do you do when you have a bride tribe that varies enormously from girl to girl, whether it be height, shape or colourings?!


Ultimately, we believe you are the bride and the bride gets what the bride wants, right?! But also you don't want to set things off to a bad start (it's meant to be your happiest day after all) and you want your ride or dies to be happy.


We have found that, for the most part, brides want their bridesmaids dresses to match. However that doesn't have to necessarily mean style of dress. It can mean the colour of the dresses, bouquets and/or hair styles without the need to squeeze all the girls into a style that, quite frankly, doesn't suit them and they don't like. Basically there are other ways you can have the girls complimenting each other/following a theme without being too 'matchy matchy'. 


That is why at  Maids to Measure we offer a variety of styles that come across most colour ways .You, the bride, can choose your colour and then your bridesmaids can choose their bridesmaid dress style - ta da problem solved! That way the girls can choose a dress they feel comfortable in without compromising on the brides colour scheme for her big day. 


We have done a round up of the best dresses, which cater for different body shapes including Plus Size and Maternity to help your girls get a head start when choosing their bridesmaids dresses:


Big busted - The Penelope (available in pink, green, grey, blue) The bodiced top gives extra support on the bust area.


Tummy conscious - The Charlotte (available in pink, green, grey, blue). The floaty skirt is incredibly forgiving and skims over any lumps and bumps.


Arm envy - The Caroline (available in pink, green, grey, blue). The cape sleeve hides those who are conscious of their arms.


The Mathilda 

Small bust- The Regent (available in pink, green, grey, blue). The least supportive dress with a plunging cowl back and drop waist, for the more daring bridesmaid. 


Killer legs - The Lily (available in grey, pink and print) A wrap dress with plunging neck line and high slit, showing off those preened pins. 


Best all-rounder - The Heidi. A comfortable, flattering wrap dress with Sleeves that cover the arms and a high-low frill split to show a little leg.