Are halter necks good for broad shoulders?

The secret to choosing dresses for your body type is all to do with striking the right balance and creating illusions. Finding the right neckline is part of this as you will discover that the choice of neckline can completely change the look of a dress on you and go a long way in determining whether it is the perfect fit, or you might need to look at alternative options.

There is a common misconception that a halter neckline can make shoulders look broader, but a lot of the time this isn’t the case. Most modern halter neck bridesmaid dresses like our collection at Maids to Measure, are designed to camouflage the broadness of shoulders and make the wearer look slimmer. In this guide we’ll be looking at how you can style halter neck dresses to suit any bridesmaid body type.

How to style halter necks for broad shoulders

Used in the right way, halter neck dresses can be masterful at drawing attention to the areas you want and away from areas you don’t. The best way to balance broader shoulders is to make the body appear longer which halter necks do really well.

Whenever you style a dress to make the body appear longer, it plays a trick on the eye that means wider areas (like shoulders in this case) look narrower. If you’re a bridesmaid or bride shopping with a bridesmaid that has a shorter torso and wide shoulders, a halter neck is great for flattering this body shape.

Where to buy halter neck bridesmaid dresses

At Maids to Measure, we have a gorgeous range of halter neck dresses that are both comfortable and flattering on any body shape and size. Our navy blue halter neck bridesmaid dresses in particular are proving to be very popular with our clients, thanks to the perfect combination of the wintery and mysterious navy colour and the elegant halter neck design. Below are two examples of our bestselling halter neck dresses: the Tilly and the Tabitha.

The Tilly dress is a Maids to Measure staple, made from pure chiffon for comfort and easy manoeuvrability. The high halter neck design is sophisticated and classic, making it a standout option for many more formal and even black-tie weddings. With a flattering cinched waist and a neck tie back feature, this dress comes in several winter and summer colours and is a favourite amongst our bride and bridesmaid clients.

A new entry into the Maids to Measure collection, the Tabitha dress is made from pure chiffon like the Tilly. Again, this will ensure a nice lightweight feel for the wearer. This design also boasts a beautiful neck tie back, a cinched waist, and a long skirt which is soft and flowy to give that extra touch of delicate femininity.

The neck tie back creates a stunning back design for maximum impact, it’s a design that looks amazing from every angle, no matter the shape or size of the wearer. You can find this dress in a wide range of colours so you can choose the right one for your wedding colour palette.


Going back to the main question of this article, yes, halter necks are good for women with broad shoulders as long as you choose a design that focuses on camouflaging broader shoulders like our selection of dresses. Find the perfect dress for your bridesmaids no matter their shape or size with Maids to Measure and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.